Python and CVS: several modules, one namespace

Thomas Weholt 2002 at
Thu Jan 15 17:41:08 CET 2004

This might be slightly off-topic, but I'll ask anyway:

I want to import several modules into my cvs-repository, but I want them all
to be in the same namespace when they're checked out.

For instance, I got these modules,, in the namespace
bar, called like so :

from bar import foo2, foo3

This matched the folder-structure ../bar/foo2, ../bar/foo3 on the
filesystem. But I need to import them as foo1, foo2 and foo3. When checked
out they should all be available in the same namespace without having to
create the folder, first. Is this possible?

When I check out foo1 it creates ../bar/foo1, when I check out foo2 in the
same folder it creates foo2 etc. without messing up the CVS-folders .... (
Hm ... when I look at the whole thing now, it seems impossible )

Any hints or clues on how to manage different modules in the same namespace
when importing them into CVS ??? My main goal is to have one namespace for
all my modules. Please tell me if this doesn't make any sense.

Thanks in advance,
Thomas Weholt

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