best book: aint no such thing, and encouragement for old coots

Michael Hudson mwh at
Mon Jan 19 12:05:29 CET 2004

Samuel Walters <swalters_usenet at> writes:

> | Eddie Corns said |
> > The next step is to read "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"
> > aka SICP and start all over again, in terms of "clearer conceptual vantage
> > point" it just can't be beat.  It's even availabe online somewhere.
> Here:
> It's the major reason I'm learning scheme.
> I just don't stop hearing good things about this book.

Well, when you think you want a loop and before you know it you've

    (define (my-func arg1 arg2)
      (define (inner var)

it's probably time to come back to a less spartan programming
language.  I mean, it's good to know that you *can* write loops that
way, but that doesn't mean it actually *is* a good idea.


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