Ordered dictionary?

Carmine Moleti guess at askme.com
Fri Jan 23 16:21:43 CET 2004

Hi Dragos,

> def filterList(p_list, p_value):
>     l_len = len(p_list)
>     l_temp = map(None, (p_value,)*l_len, p_list)
>     l_temp = filter(lambda x: x[1].find(x[0])==0, l_temp)
>     return map(operator.getitem, l_temp, (-1,)*len(l_temp))

> phones_dict = {'jansen' : '0000', 'xxx' : '1111', 'jan2' : '2222'}
> names_list = filterList(phones_dict.keys(), 'jan')
> phones_list = map(phones_dict.get, names_list)

> This extracts from the dictionary the telephone(values) numbers for
> names(keys) starting with 'jan'...

Why you didn't used the string.startswith(...) method?

I wrote this:

for name,number in d.items():
    if name.startswith('car'):
        print name,number

This also extract from the dictionay all the (name,number) pairs whose
name starts with a given substring ('car' in the example).

Thanks for your answer

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