what is best for web development??

Jason Mobarak jmob at unm.edu
Tue Jan 13 18:53:42 CET 2004

Graham Fawcett wrote:
> Wilk <wilkSPAM at OUTflibuste.net> wrote in message news:<87oet9grqy.fsf at blakie.riol>...
>>ketulp_baroda at yahoo.com writes:
>>>The problem i am facing here is i dont know what to use for
>>>development of the application. I came across many ways to develop web
>>>application in python which I already specified like
>>>i)the cgi module in python
>>>ii)Python Server Pages
>>>v)Zope etc.
>>>I want to choose such an environment so that i dont have to install
>>>other softwares to run my application.For eg. I think if I develop
>>>using zope then the client also has to install zope to run my software
>>>and i dont want this.
>>When you use one of theses servers, you don't need to install anything
>>else than a classic browser on the client side.
>>On the server side, most of the servers will not need anything else, you
>>can even start without server with the batterie include :
>>BasicHTTPServer (it was somes examples on this list somes days ago).
> Just a guess, but I suspect the OP is using the term "client" in the
> business sense, not the client/server sense; that is, he's trying to
> write a Web application that is easy to deploy on his clients'
> (customers') servers.
> If it has to be a one-shot install, I would suggest a Web server
> written in Python -- Medusa or Twisted, probably -- that you could
> bundle with your Python app. Find a Web app framework that (a) works
> on Medusa or Twisted and (b) has the templating features you
> require/desire.
> I wouldn't jump at using Twisted's app framework (Woven?) on top of
> Twisted's Web server, though. No disrespect intended to the Twisted
> community or their great body of work; it's just that server and
> app-framework are two separate concerns: one day you might want to or
> need to switch Web servers, and you need to know that your framework
> is portable. I'm no Twisted expert: perhaps Woven is indeed portable,
> and a kindly Twisted person will elaborate here.
> -- Graham

You can use Woven with mod_proxy and Apache. Same with Woven's 
successor: Nevow, http://divmod.org/users/slyphon.twistd/nevow/moin.cgi/  .

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