ProtoCiv: porting Freeciv to Python CANNED

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Wed Jan 14 15:16:02 CET 2004

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Erik Max Francis  <max at> wrote:
>If you're saying that you've come to the realization that volunteer
>programers on a project with which you only have a passing interest
>won't follow your orders and do whatever you say, I'd say pointing that
>out is less like "denigration" and more like "common goddamn sense."

It is, never the less, worth pointing out. It would seem that Brandon
entered the scene with an idea that OSS developers might be incredibly
useful to him for some reason or other. Other game developers might
very well have the same idea. When Brandon finds out that this is not
the case and describes in some detail why OSS won't do the job for
him, than this can certainly be useful for other game developers to
learn so that don't have to spend 6 months figuring out the exact same
thing themselves.

The conclusion may seem obvious to _you_ but this is no guarantee that
everyone else also possesses this knowledge. OSS is being hailed as
the second coming, and it comes as no surprise therefore that some
people might be deluded into thinking they could harness this power to
cure cancer overnight or land a man on Mars by 2005.

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