ProtoCiv: porting Freeciv to Python CANNED

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Wed Jan 14 21:58:18 CET 2004

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> > There are plenty of things you can get out of starting, getting involved
> > with, and approaching open source projects.  A legion of personal
> > servants is not going to be one of them, and only a crass idiot would
> > think otherwise.
> As far as I've been able to discover, life is just one long cocktail
> party in Brandon's honour. So it isn't exactly surprising that
> everyone appears to him as just another waiter with a tray of drinks.

Well said, that's just how he sounds.
I think I'm gonna create a new sig

"I won't stop denigrating OS people for being incapable of fulfillng the
kinds of projects I have in mind
Brandon J. Van Every"

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