Support for docutils/ReST sprint at PyCon?

Stephan Deibel sdeibel at
Tue Jan 13 22:49:50 CET 2004


This is probably only of interest to docutils/ReST users:

I'm trying to help get David Goodger, author of docutils, to PyCon 2004 so
he can lead a docutils/ReST sprint there.  Since he's currently looking
for work (*) and can't make it w/o support, I've taken it upon myself to
try to get enough pledges of $ from interested people to make this


If you would like to make a donation pledge, please email me with the
amount you'ld be willing to give, and whether or not you want to remain
anonymous.  If there are enough donations in all, we'll figure out ways to
get the money to David.  If we end up falling short, then nobody has to

The total needed is $500 (US) w/o lodging, more if no free overnight
option is found.  I've currently got $287 in pledges, so hope I might 
find a few more donations here on the general Python list.

More information on the conference is here:

Note that the sprints are March 20-23, before the main conference dates
of March 24-26.

Thanks very much!

Stephan Deibel

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Archaeopteryx Software, Inc
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