the thread that refused to die: I come not to bury C++, but to praise it...

John Benson jsbenson at
Thu Jan 15 20:01:19 CET 2004

Regarding the post below, I'm not against anything that helps you get work
done. There are just a lot of tradeoffs, and the rather spirited discussion
of C++ over the last few days has highlighted a lot of them. My spiritual
master Dogbert once said, "Assume that everybody has had the same
experiences as you; then, if they disagree, they must be stupid." In my
experience, C++ was only a short detour between C and Python due to the
vagaries of my job history. It's dawning on me, however, that not everyone
had the same experiences, that there is a lot of valuable C++ expertise out
there, and that C++ may well be around for longer than I initially thought.

My initial purpose in this thread was to try to help people "let go" of C++,
static typing (and maybe even Java!) by putting some historical perspective
on it. I suppose the exercise was hypocritical, because I'm still holding
onto my Commodore 64, Kaypro PC, and, of course, the C language. Go figure.
I am happy, however, that the thread dislodged some interesting comments
from the convolutions of various contributors.

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Are you against using C++ wrapped in a library such as wxWindows?  This
library makes it pretty easy painless to write cross-platform stuff, but
even on Windows alone, it beats MFC or the going price of Delphi.

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