Parametrized inheritance

Dan Bullok at
Sun Jan 4 01:59:42 CET 2004

I have a couple of classes:
    class Base:

    class Sub(Base):

I want to subclass Base and Sub, i.e. define classes:
    class MyBase(Base):

    class MySub(Sub):

The inheritance looks like this: 

But I'd really like it to look like this:

i.e. define Sub as "class Sub(X)", where I can change X at the time of
instantiation.  Then I could define MySub as "class MySub(Sub(MyBase))".
(I hope that it's obvious that I'm looking for this effect, not this syntax)

Of course, someone is going to ask "why?"

I need to override a few members in Base.  Sub is mostly fine as-is, so if I
could have MySub=Sub(MyMBase), that would be fine.



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