Embedding python problem, related to PyObject_Print.

Chun-Chieh Huang jjhuang at cm.nctu.edu.tw
Tue Jan 6 16:26:14 CET 2004

Chun-Chieh Huang <jjhuang at cm.nctu.edu.tw> writes:

> Dear all,
> I carefully lookup PyObject_Print in the API manual, but I can't find
> the resolution. And the problem is described below:
> I embed python into C++ code as follows:

Sorry I didn't specify the platform. Below is my python version and
platform, but I use g++-2.96 to compile the C++ code, which embeds
python. Is it a problem of different compiler versions?

Python 2.3.3 (#1, Jan  5 2004, 14:18:28) 
[GCC 3.3.1 (Mandrake Linux 9.2 3.3.1-2mdk)] on linux2
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