PRE-PEP: new Path class

Gerrit Holl gerrit at
Fri Jan 9 21:39:44 CET 2004

Christoph Becker-Freyseng wrote:
> Gerrit Holl wrote:
> >John Roth wrote:
> >
> >>I'm adding a thread for comments on Gerrit Holl's pre-pep, which
> [...]
> >Shall I submit this as an official PEP? Or shall I first fill in more
> >open issues and perhaps give the possibility to change "closed" issues?
> >
> I think there are still a lot of issues. I think letting settle things 
> down at first is wiser. And then present a PEP where many (even better 
> all) contributors agree. (I didn't like the result of PEP308 very much ...)

Yes. But of course, a PEP being an official PEP does not mean there
can't be any more changes to it. So the question is, at what point does
a pre-PEP become a PEP? Some PEPs have a $Revision: 1.20$, after all.

> In additions there are still good points in the older discussions and 
> existing modules that should be integrated (You linked in the prePEP).

Yes, that's true. I'll do that.


49. If any one take money from a merchant, and give the merchant a
field tillable for corn or sesame and order him to plant corn or sesame in
the field, and to harvest the crop; if the cultivator plant corn or sesame
in the field, at the harvest the corn or sesame that is in the field shall
belong to the owner of the field and he shall pay corn as rent, for the
money he received from the merchant, and the livelihood of the cultivator
shall he give to the merchant.
          -- 1780 BC, Hammurabi, Code of Law
PrePEP: Builtin path type
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