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Mon Jan 12 22:42:07 CET 2004

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Derek <none at none.com> wrote:
>I would not dismiss C++ (or even vanilla C) outright.  I strongly
>suggest starting in Python and looking to C and C++ when you have good
>reason -- that is, when those languages will let you do something that
>Python is less than than stellar at:  large applications, system
>software, performance-critical applications, embedded programming,
I contest the proposition that "Python is less than stellar at
large applications ...", and, in particular, that C++ is super-
ior there.  I recognize you're not alone in that; for me, though,
large-scale programming is one of Python's *strengths*.

I don't have a good decision mechanism to propose.  Trial by 
ordeal (and most large-team projects fit in that category) seems
as apt as any.

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