Tkinter bitmap bug ?

klappnase klappnase at
Thu Jan 22 04:20:10 CET 2004

Eric Brunel <eric.brunel at> wrote in message news:<bumf5u$ovj$1 at>...
> As you saw, this won't work: the only way I found to set an iconbitmap on a 
> window is using the '@/path/to/file' syntax. Why not keep the data for your 
> image in the code and generate a temporary file from this data? Then you can use 
> the '@...' stuff without having to carry an external file everywhere. Just don't 
> forget to delete the file when your application exits. We do that all the time 
> and it works quite fine.

Thanks, I have tried this already, too and it works fine, I just
thought there
might be a more "elegant" solution; however I still wonder why the
Bitmap in
my test2() function does not appear. I looked at many suggestions that
have been made
how to create bitmaps out of strings with the BitmapImage class and
nothing seems to work.
It still looks to me like a bug.

Thanks and best regards


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