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Thu Jan 15 21:33:11 CET 2004

> Why is it the best minicomputer ever made?
> I really want to know!

| Since nobody ever produced any other. 
| Only IBM produced machines that can be called "midrange" 
| (something between microcomputer and "real computer", 
| the famous S/390 mainframe). They still use this terminology.

Jarek .... 

  Honeywell also produced a line of mid-range machines
  called the  Level 6  minicomputers ....

  These machines ran an operating system 
  which had an internal architecture 
  and command line interface different from, 
  but vaguely similar, to  Multics, a Honeywell mainframe OS ....

  Multics was a major predecessor of Unix, 
  a euphemism for  Multics  Without  Balls 
  deemed so by the original developers themselves ....

  Without Multics there might not be
  any such thing as Unix or Linux .... 

  You can find the history of Multics at ....


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