Forums for Teachers Using Python - Where are they?

Samuel Walters swalters_usenet at
Sun Jan 18 12:31:53 CET 2004

I'm currently considering a position teaching math and possibly
programming at a small local magnet school.  If I was also teaching
programming, I would, of course, be using Python.

So, I went out and googled around for resources.  I found lots of articles
about using Python to teach programming, but I have yet to turn up one
forum where teachers using Python talk amongst themselves.

Can anyone point me to such a resource, or, at least any "Must Read"
articles that I might have missed?

Also, does anyone have any experience using "Thinking Like A Computer
Scientist" as a textbook?  Does it fit well within a single semester?  If
not, how far were you able to make it into the book?

Thanks for any advice.

Sam Walters.

P.S.  An thought provoking general interest paper about computers in
education is here:

It was written 21 years ago and still raises a relevant question.

Never forget the halloween documents.
""" Where will Microsoft try to drag you today?
    Do you really want to go there?"""

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