ProtoCiv: porting Freeciv to Python CANNED

Joe Francia usenet at
Wed Jan 14 19:22:03 CET 2004

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> You're trying to put this weird spin on your public displays of
> embarassment is not really working.  Trying and failing is a part of
> life.  Trying and failing, over and over again, consistently, despite
> insisting quite urgently on how important you are to a community, is
> starting to get suspicious.
>>Those who never taste failure are haughty.
> And those who never taste success should probably come to the
> realization, eventually, that they are doing something wrong.

This reminds me of the old expression: "A winner never quits. A quitter 
never wins.  But if you never win and never quit, you're a fucking idiot."

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