Dateutils, ConfigObj, StandOut, CGI-News..........

Fuzzyman michael at
Mon Jan 26 12:21:15 CET 2004

A few functions I'm 'making available' (FWIW) and also a new project
I'm starting....

Slight updates to ConfigObj and StandOut (simple config parser and
flexible output object) - bugfixes and addition of a coupel of
features to ConfigObj.

Dateutils - These are various functions for dealing with dates
(including leap years and so on). Useful especially for situations
where you have to arrange appointments. (e.g. second Tuesday of the
month etc...)

CGI-News - start of a project to give me NNTP access via HTTP (CGI)...
I've done proof of concept and got it online - see the subject lines
of the last ten posts to comp.lang.python :-)

Feedback welcome...


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