I support PEP 326

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Fri Jan 23 04:15:33 CET 2004

"David M. Cooke" wrote:

> Or, expressing the idea that they're the ends of a number line:
> PosInf, NegInf
> PosInfinity, NegInfinity
> PositiveInfinity, NegativeInfinity
> If IEEE floating point was done correctly everywhere, I'd say make
> them the corresponding floating-point constants (Inf+ and Inf-).

The "if" conditional here is bad.  Naming something "infinity" if it
weren't the IEEE floating point constants as well would be seriously

After all, this _isn't_ a number line since we're talking about
comparing arbitrary objects.

> Or,
> FreakingHuge, FreakingHugeTheOtherWay

Don't be silly; that latter one should be FreakingUnhuge :-).

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