python and LAN

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Tue Jan 6 02:04:13 CET 2004

Hello, Thomas!
You wrote  on Mon, 05 Jan 2004 16:09:42 +0100:

TG> What operating system do you use?

winXP, LAN consists of ~300 pc's, 5 segment, Iam not admin

TG> Some systems answer ping to the
TG> broadcast address, but not all

Is there any modules for LAN in python? How to get list of pc's now working?
>>> f=open('\\\\DELTA\\upload\\sobaka.swf','rb')
>>> print s
>>> import glob
>>> glob.glob('\\\\delta\\upload\\*')
['\\\\delta\\upload\\RAdmin', '\\\\delta\\upload\\Norton AntiVirus 2002',
'\\\\delta\\upload\\htm', '\\\\delta\\upload\\K&M',
'\\\\delta\\upload\\AVP', '\\\\delta\\upload\\From DemoN',
'\\\\delta\\upload\\From Merkava_Mk4 \xec\xf3\xeb\xfc\xf2\xfb',
'\\\\delta\\upload\\Max Payne 2 Bonus', '\\\\delta\\upload\\Demoscene',

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