Py2Exe and Outlook (array bounds change!?)

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Fri Jan 16 03:11:14 CET 2004

Thomas Heller wrote:

> hlubocky at (Brian Hlubocky) writes:
>>This one is really puzzling me. I am not that familiar with COM or
>>py2exe, but I have tested this a fair amount and am pretty sure of
>>what I am about to explain. The MSDN website says that the item list
>>in Outlook has array bounds from 1 to length. Using this information,
>>I wrote a program that adds contacts to outlook using an external
>>database. When I went to try this out with py2exe however, I got an
>>What I found out is that when using py2exe, the bounds on the items
>>list changes from 1 to len, to 0 to len-1. Does anyone have any idea
>>why this might be? It seems goofy that this would happen. Testing is
>>on the developer machine, so I don't think different dlls could be the
>>problem. Thanks!
> Just a wild idea: can it be that you're using makepy generated modules
> in the script, and late bould com in the py2exe'd file?

That will almost certainly be the issue.  The (next/latest/??) version 
of py2exe has full support for including typelib info in your script.


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