what is best for web development??

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sat Jan 10 19:39:06 CET 2004

    ketulp> i am developing a web application and i am really confused on
    ketulp> what should i use.  should i use just python and use the cgi
    ketulp> module availabe.  Or should i use application like WebWare.Also
    ketulp> there is PSP available.  I am really confused and need help

As Wilk indicated, there are lots of options and you didn't say
much/anything about your environment or requirements for your web app.  If
all your developers are mostly Python programmers, I think you might like
Quixote.  If you have a diverse group of people with different skills
(programmers, web designers, marketing types), you might find Zope more to
your liking.  There are tons of other options as well.  It all depends...


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