weird COM hazard

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Sat Jan 24 02:37:46 CET 2004

mic wrote:

> and after a short debugging it looks like at some moment I loose the
> reference to the ConnectionStatus class, though obviously I make no such
> operation at all. As it happens 50% of times I run the same script and seems
> to stop not only at the same event, I'm starting to believe that this is
> kind of a bug in win32com. Does anybody experienced anything like that?

What environment is this being run in?  The only way I could see this 
being set to None externally is if Python itself is in the process of 
shutting down.  There is nothing in win32com that will prevent Python 
terminating while COM objects are alive, so there is the potential that 
an external program tries to call back into Python during shutdown.  I 
can't see how this could happen using Python.exe though.

It is certainly nothing that has been reported before.


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