Why learn Python ??

Bicho Verde bichoverde at sapo.pt
Mon Jan 12 14:05:19 CET 2004

I have now free time and money to do what I want :-)
     I have some basic skills in programming (C, Pascal, Macromedia
Actionscript) but don't know exactly what to do in the world of programming.
    And also I don't know exactly why would I learn Python rather than C#,
C++ or Perl. Basicaly I don't know where to start, if there is much to do or
if it is has it seems and there is software to everything nowadays and so
doesn't make sense to spend time in learning a programming language.
    I just have this idea that I would like to contribute to the curve of
accelarated exponential progress (technological singularity), artificial
intelligence and so on. From that point of view there is much to do... But
can I stand for it and where to start?
      Anyone would help me and give me some hints?


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