Newbie Nested Function Problem

Brian Samek zensunni at
Sun Jan 25 05:24:15 CET 2004

Oh wow!  Thanks a lot - that was exactly the issue.  I changed the variable name and the program works perfectly now.  I didn't realize that a variable name in a program would have that effect.

  "Rich Krauter" <rmkrauter at> wrote in message news:mailman.753.1075001453.12720.python-list at
  Looks like you are setting the variable 'leave' to the user input, and then you are calling the function leave(), but remember that 'leave' has been set to some string.
  So say you enter 'xqz', and expect it to restart the loop when you get to the leave call --- well, what you are doing is trying to call the function xqz().
  On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 21:45, Brian Samek wrote: 
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