Help, *.CHM, etc

Tom its1louder at
Wed Jan 21 18:35:58 CET 2004

Hah, thanks for the prompt help.  I've been using the _programming on
win32_ (Hammond) book as a reference and now I see that right under
spawnve in Appendix A p. 523 (which I was using as my os module
reference) is the bit about system(command).  From C that should have
been obvious.

Trying it, os.system() didn't really work but os.startfile() works
exactly as I'd like it.  fixing my os.system() call is probably is
easy but irrellevant.

As for the other question, a portable html browser that looks & feels
like the chm help browser.  I realized that Boa Constructor Project
has such a component, since I've used Boa help in windows and unix.  I
wonder if anyone has written a cross-platform CHM decoder and browser
that has the help browser look & feel.  I can't find one, but it seems
that python would be a great language to make such a thing.  Maybe
I'll take a crack if it hasn't been done.  I like monolithic,
compressed help vs. a big directory full of html.

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