Forums for Teachers Using Python - Where are they?

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Sun Jan 18 17:10:17 CET 2004

Official forum of this type is the Education Special Interest Group 
(sig), or edu-sig.  You can find out more, subscribe and the like here:


Samuel Walters wrote:

>I'm currently considering a position teaching math and possibly
>programming at a small local magnet school.  If I was also teaching
>programming, I would, of course, be using Python.
>So, I went out and googled around for resources.  I found lots of articles
>about using Python to teach programming, but I have yet to turn up one
>forum where teachers using Python talk amongst themselves.
>Can anyone point me to such a resource, or, at least any "Must Read"
>articles that I might have missed?
>Also, does anyone have any experience using "Thinking Like A Computer
>Scientist" as a textbook?  Does it fit well within a single semester?  If
>not, how far were you able to make it into the book?
>Thanks for any advice.
>Sam Walters.
>P.S.  An thought provoking general interest paper about computers in
>education is here:
>It was written 21 years ago and still raises a relevant question.

  Mike C. Fletcher
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