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Thu Jan 15 06:14:41 CET 2004

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> "Brandon J. Van Every" <try_vanevery_at_mycompanyname at> schreef:
> > I am not sure how I feel about it.  I think it only bothers me when
> > they claim to be cross-platform in theory, and the Windows build
> > simply does not work in practice.  A working Windows build should be
> > easy to obtain all the dependencies for, and it should just build.
> > When it doesn't do that, when you have to chase all over Hell's green
> > acre to find the libraries, and then the build simply coughs and gags
> > and dies, I'm not even slightly amused at how "cross-platform" some
> > Linuxer is claiming things to be.
> You think "cross-platform" means "it runs out-of-the-box on all possible
> platforms that ever existed, now exist, and will ever exist"?

Please.  I talked about supporting *Windows*.  You know, the globally
dominant OS.

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