python in dreamweaver

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Sat Jan 31 08:20:00 CET 2004

>>>>It would be significantly more Pythonic to have a template similar to
> the following...
> Yes, but there are the visual aspect of DM...

So do your templates in Dreamweaver, and read them in with python during 
runtime.  All I'm saying is that:

 >>> template = template.replace('REPLACE_THIS_WITH_MENU', menu)
 >>> template = template.replace('REPLACE_THIS_WITH_CONTENT', content)

is not pythonic, but using standard python string formatting options:

 >>> output = template%{'menu':menu, 'content':content}

is not only pythonic, it is faster for large numbers of insertions, and 
is much easier to extend.

  - Josiah

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