what is best for web development??

vincent delft vincent_delft at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 10 20:36:44 CET 2004

I've was faced to the same problem few months ago. After checked lot
of different solutions, I've select Draco (draco.boskant.nl).

A framework around mod_python that offers lot of flexibility and can
be used for havy loaded web site.

One of the nicest feature is the possibility to split code and HTML.

I'm not objective, but I propose you to make your own choice amongst
all the good solutions (karrigel, albatros are very good too), but
have a look at draco.

ketulp_baroda at yahoo.com wrote in message news:<f046efac.0401100358.5aa812a0 at posting.google.com>...
> i am developing a web application and i am really confused on what should i use.
> should i use just python and use the cgi module availabe.
> Or should i use application like WebWare.Also there is PSP available.
> I am really confused and need help

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