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Fri Jan 9 15:04:10 CET 2004

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> I could contemplate web based or application based report generation, 
> but are there easy to use draggy-droppy report designing applications 
> around? Just the names would enable me to look them up.

WebFocus. Easy to use and can export the reports as Excel, HTML, etc.
A bit pricey, but some of the best reporting software out there.
DBMSs tend to have their own reporting tools, but IMO, they aren't that 

Trust me, writing your own is not easy. Cross-tabulations (pivot tables, 
crosstabs) are common things in reports and aren't easy to write 
well/flexibly. Third party software to do reports is used by almost 
(I wrote a small crosstab class, but it would have to be beefed up 
considerably to be flexible for general use)

More options if you Google for "database report generation" (no quotes).

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