Databases: Which one's right for me?

Aaron Watters aaron at
Mon Jan 12 15:58:28 CET 2004

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> [Aaron Watters]
> > Does zodb support the strictest isolation levels?
> I'm almost certain it doesn't, but I'm not a DB expert.  Please take this to
> a ZODB list, as previously suggested.
> > If so how?  If not what does it support exactly?
> I pointed you to Jeremy's relevant blog entry last time...

Reading the blog it seems you are right.  I wish zodb would be
a bit more careful in its claims.  When you say "zodb supports
the ACID properties of transactions" this has a precise meaning
which vanishes when you redefine all the letters.  In particular
it suggests that zodb would be good for something like an
accounting or banking application which would require strict
transaction isolation (serializability).  The looser definition
could lead to fairly unpleasant difficulties (law suits, jail time...).
Sorry, had to complete my thought on clp.

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