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Andy Bulka abulka at
Tue Jan 6 03:48:32 CET 2004

Alexandre Fayolle <alf at> wrote in message 
> Well, I think the first thing you could do if you have specific problems
> with any of the tools you mention is getting in touch with the
> developers, and try to talk with them. Since we've never heard of your
> problems with pyreverse, there's hardly any chance that we will do
> anything for you. 

I *have* reported numerous problems with pyreverse to your mailing
list.  Why do you say I haven't?  Specifically:

 Jun 2003 DOCTYPE XMI directive and MSXML3 parser
 Feb 2003 Running the latest version locks up when no -d option
 Feb 2003 Pyreverse 0.4.2 requires logilab.common and
optik.OptionParser ?
 Dec 2002 Fwd: [Gentleware #12069] Poseidon - version 1.5 XMI import

and many more before that.  And I appreciate you guys responding -

> But just saying "all existing tools suck, we (i.e., I) need someone to 
> build some cool free tool with <big list of features>" won't get you
> anywhere. 

The purpose of my post was not an idle 'newbie' post - I have been
watching this area for a number of years and have provided the urls in
this thread - partly as a service to the python community and also,
yes, as a bit of a complaint about the limitations of each of the
existing tools.

As for contributing something myself:

 - A source forge project I set up quite a while ago but its just an
idea at this stage

 - A robust python parser written by me which doesn't rely on the
fragility of __import__ see PyNSource

 - A Delphi (windows only) GUI front end to PyReverse currently

 - My post in this thread researching and listing all UML tools for
python that I know. Hopefully people will get ideas from this.

Anyway - ideally I was hoping for a robust discussion by senior Python
people on what they may be using with regards to UML and what their
feelings are about the situation. UML is very important yet there is
no GUI driven two-way tool for python programmers.  Surely serious,
larger scale, software development in Python would want to be using
UML as part of the process?

Andy Bulka

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