Python is far from a top performer according to benchmark test...

Krzysztof Stachlewski stach at
Sat Jan 10 00:11:01 CET 2004

"JanC" <usenet_spam at janc.invalid> wrote in message
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> "Krzysztof Stachlewski" <stach at> schreef:
> I think all (or at least most) of the tested compilers, VMs, etc. were
> written in C/C++, and thus are using libraries written in C/C++...

Well, yes.
Whether or not you can say that a piece of code
is *really* implemented in a chosen language and not
in "the language that this language is implemented in" ;-)
is a matter of scale.

I just think that the Numeric package
is not the best example of the speed of Python itself.


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