Scripts for parsing Received: headers in emails

Benjamin Han bhan at
Wed Jan 14 19:54:57 CET 2004

A while ago I asked if anyone knows a module for parsing Received: headers
in emails. Apparently my guess was wrong (that someone already wrote it in
Python). I got an email pointing me to Spambayes project, however the tokenizer
doesn't seem like doing a lot on the Received headers (especially when
comparing to SpamAssassin's code).

So I wrote a small set of scripts for doing this:

It's based on SpamAssassin's script, but I separated patterns
from the code. Patterns of all known headers are kept in a text database
file so new entries can be added without touching anything else.

I hope this is useful to someone else too - and of course any patch to
increase the coverage of the database is welcome!


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