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Mon Jan 5 01:42:23 CET 2004

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>Aahz wrote:
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>>>would it be a good idea to automatically sumbit all new peps to
>>>comp.lang.python.announce? After all, each PEP is an announcement and
>>>may be important to the entire Python community. Another possibility
>>>would be to python-dev, but since has a broader public,
>>>I'd prefer the first one. What do you think?
>> That's a good idea, but needs to have its Followup-To:
>> set to  I think I asked for that once before, but didn't get a
>> response.
>I think Followup-To: should be set to for _any_ posting in
>, not only for peps, but that is another issue

Exactly.  But currently most announcements to don't spawn
discussion, so it hasn't been a critical issue; until Followup-To is
fixed, I'm opposed to requiring PEPs to be posted there.  Note that it's
not trivial, because has a gateway to an e-mail list, where
Reply-To: should be set.  It'll likely require some Mailman work -- and hasn't even been upgraded to current Mailman yet.
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