Perl vs. Python for text manipulation

Ville Vainio ville.spamstermeister.vainio at thisisspamprotectiontut.finland
Sat Jan 24 11:58:43 CET 2004

>>>>> "Ganesan" == Ganesan R <rganesan at> writes:

    Ganesan> is nearly 6 times slower in python (8 time slower with
    Ganesan> Python 2.2) using fileinput. Every appears to know that
    Ganesan> fileinput is slower and avoid it when performance is a
    Ganesan> concern; but even manually doing the equivalent is slower
    Ganesan> in python. I've simply switched back to using perl for my

A while back someone fixed his python script to use normal files
instead of stdin, and the Python version proved to be even faster than
the Perl version. Have you tried that?

Ville Vainio

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