Why learn Python ??

Nicolas Fleury nid_oizo at yahoo.com_remove_the_
Mon Jan 12 19:46:33 CET 2004

Bicho Verde wrote:
>       Anyone would help me and give me some hints?

- C# is like a MS-specific Java.
- C++ is for system programming where performance is important.  I love 
C++ but I think it was Herb Sutter (a C++ guru) who described C++ as a 
"last resort language" and I must agree.
- Perl is also a very nice language, but I would suggest to basically 
see it as a parsing language and Perl 6 will make perl even better in 
that domain with built-in support for grammars.  And knowing a parsing 
language is a very good thing.  However, for other than that, even if 
Perl has all the functionality, Python is cleaner, simpler and more 
structured and elegant.

If you're interested in AI, I strongly suggest to look at functional 
languages like Lisp dialects.

Don't be afraid to learn many languages, that's the way you will learn 
what is strong about each of them, and that we basically need them all;)



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