Python for Embedded Devices?

mir nazim mir4uu at
Sat Jan 3 17:26:52 CET 2004

brandon6684 at (Brandon) wrote in message news:<efa6f675.0401021920.3bffced0 at>...
> Java seems to have taken off as the platform and language of choice
> for many embedded devices. Would it be feasible for Python(perhaps
> running on an embedded version of Linux) to act in such a capacity.
> Most of my experience with Python has been with Unix-type scripting
> tasks and using it when it is an applications built in scripting, but
> I know some people try to use to build larger complex applications. Is
> the Python interpreter portable and good enough to be used in resource
> constrained devices like cell phones?

Why only embeded devices? 
It should possible to create complete J2EE like platform for python
for creating complex applications. [ i m no expert. lokking for a
simple discussion.]

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