Cross-version extension modules?

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extension modules in Python are always linked to a specific version of
Python. You might perform some tricks with writing a pure Python module
about your extension that, based on the version of the python interpreter,
loads a different version of your extension. This is e.g. the way the Python
drivers for SapDB work.

You can download them from:



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Subject: Cross-version extension modules?

If I build a extension module with Python 2.2 and then loads it with 2.3, 
I get:

RuntimeWarning: Python C API version mismatch for module _foo: This
Python has API version 1012, module _foo has version 1011.

How fatal is this? Is it safe to use the module anyway? If not, is it
possible to build the module differently, so that it actually is safe to
use it with different versions of Python?

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