Standalone ZPT and Batch

Richard Wesley hawkfish at
Mon Jan 12 19:14:27 CET 2004

I am busy converting a single Zope page to a Python cgi using the 
standalone ZPT implementation from sourceforge.  Most of it seems to 
work just fine, but I am finding that although the Batch object is 
available and ported(?), it does not seem to work.  

Whenever I try to access batch/next/first with a short list, the 
renderer complains that next.first is not defined.   The ZPT codes looks 
like this

batch python:modules['ZUtils'].Batch(...);
next batch/next

<a tal:condition="next" tal:attributes=""...>

Looking at, it appears that is actually a 
LazyNextBatch object, which only defines the Zope-specific __of__ 
operator.  This makes sense, but I am rather surprised that standalone 
ZTP does not handle this correctly in

Anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this?



- rmgw


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