C++ bad-mouthing (was: Why learn Python ??)

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Tue Jan 13 18:49:33 CET 2004

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>Donn Cave wrote:
>> Python has the advantage of a clean start, but
>> from a software engineering standpoint it really seems like a
>> hacker language.  
>Ohh.... nice controversial statement. :-)
>I would strongly disagree with the above statement for a number
>of reasons, including (random thoughts):
> - packages
> - interactive interpreter
> - no static typing
> - high productivity
> - ease of testing
> - flexibility
> - extremely broad library support
> - low learning curve
>and probably a dozen others.  I think this has all been discussed before,
>though, so I won't belabour the point.  Basically, as a software engineer
>(nominally a "Systems Design Engineer") I find Python to be hands down 
>*the* best language I've encountered for use in serious work.  I can't
>actually think of another which excels on so many fronts.
>From a Python standpoint, "software engineering" has made a
nice start, but it needs to catch up with hacker insights.

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