what is Python's module search path?

Stephen Ferg steve at ferg.org
Fri Jan 9 00:20:00 CET 2004


It says """When a module named spam is imported, the interpreter
searches for a file named spam.py in the current directory, and then
in the list of directories specified by the environment variable
PYTHONPATH. ... When PYTHONPATH is not set, or when the file is not
found there, the search continues in an installation-dependent default
path; on Unix, this is usually .:/usr/local/lib/python.

Actually, modules are searched in the list of directories given by the
variable sys.path which is initialized from the directory containing
the input script (or the current directory), PYTHONPATH and the
installation-dependent default."""

Is the installation-dependent default path on Windows usually

If so, then it looks like my original search order was wrong, 
and the correct search order (on Windows) is:

 * Python's built-in modules, including modules in the standard
 * the directory from which your main module was loaded
 * in directories in PYTHONPATH
 * in the /python23/Libs/site-packages directory

Is that correct?

Part of what is confusing me is that Lib/site-packages is pretty
poorly documented.

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