The GPL / BSD cultural divide (was ProtoCiv: porting Freeciv to Python CANNED)

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In article <bu4dii$daqjq$1 at>, Brandon J. Van Every wrote:

> Agreed, and more specifically, there is a huge *cultural divide* between
> most OSS developers and proprietary commercial developers who simply want to
> add some OSS "to get the boring bits over with." 

Yeah, it indicates that you are a lazy cunt who wants to get something for
nothing, if you want to use someone elses work that you haven't commissioned
from them, find what you want from someone who isn't fussed, and has used the 
BSD license, people who have used the GPL have done so cos they *don't* 
want some software company ripping off their hard work and not contributing 
anything back.

> In fact, one can identify the locus of problems by simply asking, "How many
> OSS game developers are willing to work on something with a BSD license?"
> Precious few.  Most BSD licenses out there are not game software.  BSD is a
> good indicator that someone cares about commercial concerns.

So is the use of the GPL, the people who use that care that commercial
concerns can't come along, take their hard work, file off a few serial 
numbers and flog for $BIG_NUM. If that pisses you off what of it, I 
suspect that the writers of the software care about as much as I do.

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