"Interrupted function call" exception while relogging :(

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Thu Jan 8 10:15:01 CET 2004

lubowiecka at go2.pl (Sylwia) writes:

> Hi!
> I need your help...
> I have the following problem. I've implemented the python Windows
> Service which behaves like a log supervisor. If the space
> used by log files is bigger than a given upper limit, then it starts
> to delete log files until the space is less than a given
> lower limit. I configured the service to start up automatically on
> system boot. The script checks the space used by log files
> every 1000 secs. After analyse of the space, it falls asleep
> (time.sleep(1000)). Everything works OK, except one thing...
> Since the service is not tied to the user ID of the person starting
> it, the service should remain open even when that person
> who started it logs off. So I made an experiment and relogged. After
> that it turned out that the service stopped working. The
> Event Viewer returned the error:
> "SvcDoRun
>     time.sleep(1000) 
>  exceptions.IOError: [Errno 4] Interrupted function call
> "
> I use Window XP OS and Python and Python 2.3.2 

Just an idea: you could try to use win32api.Sleep() instead.


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