Databases: Which one's right for me?

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> Marc:
> >Basically I need a db that will travel with my executable script and
> >faithfully store and edit the data needed in that script.
> Have a look at ZODB.
> Introduction:

BTW, I would like to see somewhere an explanation of how
ZODB concurrency control and recovery work.  Please inform if
there is some information.  I'm not encouraged by the fact that
in what documentation I can find the definitions are not the
standard ones.  For example

Isolation means that two programs or threads running in two different 
transactions cannot see each other's changes until
they commit their transactions.
Database System Concepts, 4th edition, Silberchatz, Korth, Sudarshan p.566
Isolation: Even though multiple transactions may execute concurrently
the system guarantees that for every pair of transactions Ti and Tj
it appears to Ti that either Tj finished executing before Tj started
or Tj started executing after Ti finished.
The zodb definition is far weaker than the standard one (at least in
this document).  Maybe they really meant something different?

For an example of what I'm looking for please see the xsdb documentation
or the gadfly documentation

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