libmysqld.dll almost working in python...

Rajas Sambhare rajas_sambhare at
Tue Jan 6 21:12:15 CET 2004


This is a followup on a previous thread by JZ

The mysql-python page at contains beta versions of
mysqldb (specifically 0.9.3b2). This does have the necessary embedded
server support. Some amount tweaking of is required (namely
pointing the lib variable to the correct directory (usually
c:/mysql/Embedded/DLL/Release). The library builds and installs, and
typing import MySQLdb at the python prompt loads LIBMYSQLD.DLL.

What happens then though, is that calling MySQLdb.server_init with the
correct parameters causes the python IDE to crash, with an access
violation in LIBMYSQLD.DLL.

I checked a bit and it seems the flag USE_TLS has to be set for the
mysys project in the mysql source.
I did this, created a new libmysqld.dll etc, and recompiled mysqldb
0.9.3b2, but the problem continues. Does anybody know how to avoid


Rajas Sambhare

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