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I second the recommend. on Komodo. I'm definitely happy with it myself. I
recently bought the personal edition.
If you install the ActiveState version, as you heard by now, you get
PythonWin which can debug. I notice the similarity in interfaces even, as
they were both made by ActiveState of course. However Komodo has a lot of
functionality beyond it, if you need that it is (if you even care about
Komodo and what I'm typing here, bye).

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> Doug Farrell wrote:
> > Can someone help me out a little with Python? What do people
> > use to debug Python code? I don't understand how to use the
> > built in debugger and I haven't had any luck getting ddd to
> > debug my Python programs. I end up falling back on
> > inserting print statements in my code to figure out what's
> > going on. This works but isn't always the fastest route to a
> > solution. So, I'm just wondering what other people do.
> What OS are you running?
> On Windows, PythonWin has a nice interactive debugger.
> My favorite is Komodo, which is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris:
> Komodo is not free, but the personal edition is pretty cheap, and the
> commercial edition is well worth the price for commercial development.
> -Mike

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