fast deep-copying of instances

Robert Brewer fumanchu at
Wed Jan 28 16:24:49 CET 2004

Michal Vitecek wrote:
>  hello,
>  i have a data cache which sits between a slow database and 
> my server and
>  it's used to cache data retrieved from the database. in 
> order for it to
>  work correctly (race-conditions) i need a fast deep-copying of
>  instances (the cache is used heavily).
>  i tried to use copy module but it's *very* slow, then i tried cPickle
>  to pickle and depickle instances which was faster, but still slow.
>  then i've come across cCopy which is 8x faster than copy, but
>  unfortunately it doesn't work with new style classes because type()'s
>  return is crappy for them. so the question is: does there 
> exist a fast
>  copy module which works with new style classes?

If you don't find something pre-built, you can always build it yourself
into the classes which you are caching, via __copy__ and __deepcopy__

    def __copy__(self):
        newUnit = self.__class__()
        newUnit.ID = u''
        newUnit.dirty = False
        newUnit.concrete = False
        return newUnit

>From the Library ref on the copy module:

"In order for a class to define its own copy implementation, it can
define special methods __copy__() and __deepcopy__(). The former is
called to implement the shallow copy operation; no additional arguments
are passed. The latter is called to implement the deep copy operation;
it is passed one argument, the memo dictionary. If the __deepcopy__()
implementation needs to make a deep copy of a component, it should call
the deepcopy() function with the component as first argument and the
memo dictionary as second argument."


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