personal document mgmt system idea

Stephan Diehl stephan.diehlNOSPAM at
Tue Jan 20 17:58:29 CET 2004

Sandy Norton wrote:

Hi Sandy,

looks like this will be the year of personal document management projects.
Since I'm involved in a similar project (hope I can go Open Source with it),
here are some of my thoughts.

> Hi folks,
> I have been mulling over an idea for a very simple python-based
> personal document management system. The source of this possible
> solution is the following typical problem:

> The first problem I've run into is that mysql or the MySQL
> connector crashes when the size of one BLOB reaches a certain point:
> in this case an .avi file of 7.2 mb .

Just dump your files somewhere in the filesystem and keep a record of it in
your database.

In addition, a real (text) search engine might be of help. I'm using swish-e
( and are very pleased with it.

Maybe, before you invest to much time into such a project, you should check
out the following:

Chandler (
        if it's finished, it will do excactly what you are aiming for (and it's
        written in Python)

ReiseFS (see -> Future Vision)

Gnome Storage (


Hope that helps



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