Databases: Which one's right for me?

Tim Peters at
Mon Jan 12 03:01:57 CET 2004

[Aaron Watters]
> Some SQL isolation levels are hacks to allow long running
> transactions, etcetera.  If you keep to the strictest isolation level
> you get the classical behaviour which has been studied and elaborated
> by many very smart people over the last several decades and which is
> very well understood.
> Does ZODB support the strictest isolation levels?

I'm almost certain it doesn't, but I'm not a DB expert.  Please take this to
a ZODB list, as previously suggested.

> If so how?  If not what does it support exactly?

I pointed you to Jeremy's relevant blog entry last time, which discusses
these issues -- and nobody knows more about ZODB than Jeremy.  If you want
someone to read it for you and reword it, I'm sure someone on a ZODB list
will be happy to do so <wink>.

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